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"... this is the best product I
have ever purchased. My
daughter is now 4 months
old and this is the only
place she feels content
and secure to sleep."
"The best ever!"
" made our lives as
parents a little easier.
Thank you."
Birth professionals
are calling the
Snuggle Me Cushion
"the best new product
we've seen!"

Simply Mommy is
all about the "Snuggle"!

Why do moms and babies love the
Snuggle Me Cushion?
. . . . Because it works!

I love my Snuggle Me Cushion!
The Snuggle Me Cushion is great for
  • Lounging
  • Bed-sharing
  • Napping
  • Tummy Time
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Infant Massage
  • Sponge Baths
  • Wardrobe Changes
  • Grandma's House
and whenever
your baby can use an extra "snuggle"!

See how I Snuggle?

The Snuggle Me Cushion is designed to give
your baby a gentle hug, keeping them more
content when not in mommy's arms.
See how I Snuggle!
in organic!

Snuggle Me Organic!

I love my Snuggle Me Cushion!

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"Snuggle Me"
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Simply Mommy News!

Snuggle Me Organic!

We now offer an organic version of our
unique Snuggle Me cushion. Visit
Snuggle Me Organic!
You'll find our organic site is much more
exciting and even has a product demo
video featuring Mia!

The Snuggle Me Cushion
is proudly made
in the USA!


One of our
favorite pictures!

Best of Show!  
Best of show!!!
After a hard day of
shopping at the fair, this
little shopper needed a break!
Thanks for sharing, Mom!

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